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Oral Histories

The Resilience Project –JCOGS Oral Histories

Discover the power of story within our own community.

The Resilience Project – Gavin interviews Edie 

On August 14, Edie Zfass, long-time beloved member of JCOGS, met with Gavin Murphy, a long-time student of Olam Chesed now preparing for his bar mitzvah, in an exclusive conversation about RESILIENCE.

Click here to witness the unfolding of this wonderful project of sharing story "l'dor vador לדור ודור", from generation to generation. 


Mel Siegel, an esteemed JCOGS member, was interviewed by Lex Leikin, an Ateed teen, about a time in his life when he experienced resilience. 

View the revealing and heartwarming exchange here from July 24, 2020.

Mon, September 28 2020 10 Tishrei 5781