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More Joy, Less Oy-Weekly Email

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building a sculpture of love 

02/20/2024 12:01:24 PM


On Feb 14th a heart-y crew of Olam Chesed Club kids and parents braved the cold to create a giant heart sculpture in front of JCOGS.  Faced with the challenges of not-so-frozen ice blocks (it takes days of deep freeze to make good ice), it was decided to create a horizontal sculpture rather than a vertical one. Working together the kids chose a location that would be seen from the road and engineered a sloping base to elevate the heart as much as possible. 

After a raucus session of sledding down giant snow hills, we gathered for soup and hot chocolate to warm our bones and some activities and discussions about love.  We had a love song sing-off and compared two different Jewish concepts of love: chesed חסד/lovingkindness and ahavah אהבה/love, and learned the phrase:

Love the other as you love yourself  וְאָהַבְתָּ לְרֵעֲךָ כָּמוֹךָ

Moni told the midrash of R. Shamai and R. Hillel being challenged to tell the whole of Torah on one foot which inspired the kids to launch into a deep discussion of how love is at the heart of our relationship with G!d.

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