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07/01/2019 09:31:08 AM


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SJFF is back for its fourth summer of fabulous films!
Mark your calendars, get your tickets, BE THERE!!!
This summer, we are moving up the mountain
to Spruce Peak Performing Arts Center…

comfy seats, state-of-the-art sound system and screen…
a perfect setting for 4 evenings of great film…
Tickets still $10 in advance and $15 at the door!
Want to see the whole schedule? CLICK HERE
Want to read more about the films? CLICK HERE
Want to just buy your tickets now? CLICK HERE

But WAIT….there’s more! On Tuesday, July 9 th , come kick off the
festival with a REGGAE BASH at Zen Barn in Waterbury! Honor the
spirit of our opening film, Reaching For Zion with Vermont reggae band Soulstice

(8 pm, admission by donation to support the film festival).

Come early for dinner and stay for the music!

Helping send refugees to camp

06/27/2019 06:13:17 PM


Our tikkun olam committee stepped up this summer to help three refugee boys attend camp. The boys have a scholarship to attend Camp Killooleet, an overnight camp in Vermont. JCOGS collected and packed all the gear these boys would need. Thank you to all the people who went through their hand-me-downs and donated funds, and a special thanks to our tikkun olam committee for packing them up. We'll be driving the boys to camp on Saturday!


05/28/2019 01:23:54 PM


There is great comfort in knowing that every Friday morning, all around the world, Jews are starting challah dough. Some are using stand mixers, others are using bread machines, and many are going about it the old-fashioned way. They’re using different flours and time-honored recipes and a few just may have switched over to the new one in this month’s Cooks Illustrated (seriously, check it out). But no matter how they do it and what they put in, as 6 AM slots into place in time zones around the world, Jews are starting challah dough.

How do you make your challah? And who does it make you think of?

Family & Friends

05/12/2019 09:44:52 AM


Friday night, May 10, was one of the most special Shabbat services of the year. We gathered to celebrate the end of the Olam Chesed school year, a year that was dedicated to learning about holiness. But this wasn't just a service for the children, as families were encouraged to bring parents and grandparents. For children whose grandparents live too far to come, JCOGS elders volunteered to be Bubbie and Zaydie for the night. Blessings were given, prayers were sung, food was eaten, and bonds were made. The partition had to be opened because there were far too many generations celebrating to fit into the sanctuary. L'dor vador לדור ודור - from generation to generation.

JCOGS brings poignant survivor's story to Olam Chesed and 300+ children in Northern Vermont for Yom haShoah

05/06/2019 01:22:07 PM


Read Henny's story in Sevendays 

See WPTZ's story on Yom haShoah

Members' Dessert Potluck

05/04/2019 07:35:26 PM


Ritz pie, gluten-free brownies, apricot shortbread, and chocolate coconut cake were on display Sunday night, when more than 60 JCOGS members threw a boisterous dessert potluck at the home of JCOGS president Emily Rosenbaum. A decadent and calorie-filled time was had by all. To see more photos, like our Facebook page.

Warming Shelter

05/04/2019 07:33:55 PM


JCOGS member Jacquie Mauer and Rabbi David have worked tirelessly to ensure there is a shelter in Lamoille County for those experiencing homelessness. Read the article here.

All the Chairs, All the Repairs

03/17/2019 07:32:45 PM


We're refinishing the floors in May, but it turns out that the plastic floor protectors on the bottoms of our chairs were doing the exact opposite of protecting our floors. Those plastic discs were stuck on good, but a fierce team of volunteers showed up with vice grips and screwdrivers to remove them and put on new, softer floor protectors that won't scratch the wood. Now the chairs are ready to meet our refinished floors.

Fri, July 19 2019 16 Tammuz 5779