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Olam Chesed Education Center


Olam Chesed - עולם חסד a world of loving kindness


At JCOGS we have created an educational center that provides programming for children from birth through age 18 years old.  In a dynamic , engaging, and nurturing environment we explore Judaism’s rich culture and the beauty of the Hebrew language through Torah, modern story, games, songs, and ancient texts.  Students learn to sing and understand common prayers, developing the confidence to participate in Jewish life. 

Through the arts and various educational modalities including hevrutah, the Jewish practice of studying in groups, Olam Chesed students develop a deep connection to Judaism, gaining a strong sense of Jewish belonging and identity that will be rejuvenated throughout their lives. We encourage students to explore what is personally meaningful about Judaism, contemplate Jewish concepts of G-d, and develop a sense of their own passions.

We come together to share holiday and Shabbat celebrations, embrace Jewish values and ethics, unpack the significance of Jewish history, and engage in tikkun olam. This shared experience prepares students for a lifetime of seeking Jewish community and experiences and offers them the tools to be active Jewish citizens of the world.

Young families


Kinderlach (“Little children,” ages 0-4)  Starts Saturday 9/17/22

Our youngest learners meet once a month for singing, story, and play with Rabbi David and Beth. Kinderlach is a great place to meet other young families while engaging in Jewish tradition and culture.   

Meets monthly on Saturday (Shabbat) morning  9:30-11:00 a.m.   Contact the  director of education for more information.

Gesher (“Bridges,” age 5-7 years old) Starts Saturday 9/17/22

Through a multi-sensory approach to Jewish learning, we explore holidays, values, and Hebrew. Gesher serves as a bridge between parent/child activities in Kinderlach and the independent learning of Olam Chesed. 

Meets monthly on Saturday (Shabbat) morning  9:30-11:00 a.m.   Contact the  director of education for more information.

Elementary age


Olam Chesed (“A World of Love”, grades 2-6) 

This is so much more than the Hebrew school you remember. We embrace the concept of un-school as we learn about Jewish values and ethics, share holiday and Shabbat celebrations, unpack the complexities of Jewish history, acquire Hebrew language skills, and engage in tikkun olam (repairing the world). Our graduates move on to study for their mitzvah ceremonies as active citizens of the world and life-long contributing members of the Jewish community. 

Wednesdays  from 4:00 - 6:00 p.m. including snack and lite meal. Starts on 9/14/22 
Please be sure to join us for family learning day on 9/28/22 for a shared meal and program.

Contact the director of education for more information.


Pre-b'nai Mitzvah

Mitzvah! (grades 7 + 8) starts on Saturday 9/10/22

Students come together on two Saturday mornings a month to engage in intensive study as they prepare together for their mitzvah* ceremonies. They learn, grow, and do what pre-teens do best... they question. During this special year they grow as individuals and experience together what it is to build and commit to Jewish community locally and beyond.    

Saturday mornings from 10:00 a.m. to 12 p.m.   
The program includes participation in weekly online Hebrew class as well as individual instruction with a tutor who is handpicked for each student.

*We use mitzvah without a gender-specific modifier in conscious awareness of embracing all  who celebrate the transition from Jewish child to Jewish adult.

Mitzvah Handbook (PDF)


Ateed - starts Saturday evening 9/17/22

Now Jewish adults, our teens come together to connect and engage in social justice during monthly in person meet-ups at JCOGS and off-site adventures. 

We've had amazing experiences on overnights to Montreal and Boston and hope to be able to plan another urban journey soon.

Monthly on Saturday evenings  from 6:00 - 7:30 p.m.  Contact the director of education for more information.

Click here to meet our Educational Team.

Wed, March 22 2023 29 Adar 5783