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Olam Chesed is a dynamic multi-age program of community-building, prayer with Rabbi David, and exploration of Jewish life through experiential learning.  We meet on Wednesdays at JCOGS from 4-6pm.  
Hebrew instruction is offered through online pods of 3-5 students which are assigned by level and age and scheduled by the Hebrew teachers.  Pods bring JCOGS and BJS students together for an additional 30 minute focused class. 
Our theme this year is L'chayyim! Jewish life cycles, building on previous  themes of holiness, blessing, mitzvah, and shalom—all words and concepts that feature prominently in the Shabbat liturgy.  Torah stories this year will highlight the prophets and kings.
We would be delighted for your child/ren to join us for a trial class. Contact Beth Liberman, director education for more information.
Exciting news! Olam Chesed is now also available to families at Beth Jacob Synagogue in Montpelier. 


OLAM CHESED schedule


Our typical schedule:

4:00 - 4:15
Kehilah (community time) gathering
4:15 - 4:30
Tefilah (prayer time) with Rabbi David
4:30 - 5:05
cohort 1: Hebrew exploration
cohort 2: Jewish Life
5:05 - 5:15
Hafsakah - active break of socializing & games 
5:15 - 5:50
cohort 2: Hebrew exploration
cohort 1: Jewish Life
5:50 - 6:00
Blessings and a shared meal (usually pizza but sometimes homemade soup!)


Wed, March 22 2023 29 Adar 5783