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chesed committee

chesed in the time of coronavirus

Cyndy Wyatt, chair of the chesed committee

Chesed is well positioned to respond to the needs of the community

The mission of the chesed committee is to “reach out to one another at difficult times through acts of caring and lovingkindness.” In typical times, acts of kindness include comforting the bereaved through phone calls and letters and preparing and delivering meals to the sick. Throughout the Covid-19 pandemic, chesed continues to do this work, but we are called to do much more. During the month of April, eight dedicated members of our JCOGS community made phone calls to every JCOGS household. The volunteers shared information about how to connect to JCOGS programming through Zoom and lent a friendly ear to individuals isolating alone. Folks who required special assistance with groceries or who needed follow up phone calls were referred to the chesed committee chair, Cyndy Wyatt (

Chesed is a core Jewish value and appears in the Torah more than 130 times. Covid-19 presents a challenge and an opportunity to affirm the value of chesed. Fortunately, our work occurs out in the community and it continues however long the doors of JCOGS must remain closed. Committee members continue to meet bi-monthly over Zoom and we continue to serve and nurture our Jewish community.  

Mon, January 24 2022 22 Sh'vat 5782