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Food policies

JCOGS’s way of respecting its members diverse relationship with kosher laws is to maintain a policy of requiring all outside food that is brought into the synagogue and served there to be vegetarian/dairy or parve (meaning fish).   

At all meals with food:

Have a sign, placed prominently, that says, “Please let us know if you have a food allergy so we can assist you in navigating the menu.”

No peanuts or peanut products in catered meals, potlucks, religious school, or other events.

Communicate to allergy sufferers: you’re welcome to bring your own dish, clearly labeled, and we’ll be happy to put it aside.

Catered meals:

All ingredients for every dish easily accessible when requested.

People with allergies may ask to be served first as an attempt to alleviate cross contact.

JCOGS is responsible for communicating the recommendations and protocol as clearly as possible.

Congregants, members, guests and family members are responsible for communicating their allergy concerns to avoid any potential mishaps.


Tent cards (labels) to be created by preparer and placed with the dish. Tent cards and pens to be available for preparers to fill in if they’ve forgotten to bring them.

Wed, June 12 2024 6 Sivan 5784