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jcogs green team

jcogs MITZVAH garden

The Green Team is in the process of creating a mitzvah garden at JCOGS.  

Contact us here if you are interested in receiving more information about the Green Team or the garden. 


The JCOGS Green Team would like to encourage and help JCOGS members to comply with Vermont's new Food Scrap Ban

Starting July 1, 2020 Vermont state law bans food scraps from being put in the trash or into landfills. Reducing food waste is one of the most impactful actions we can take to reduce the effects of climate change. 


Preventing food waste can be the first step: 

  • Buy only what you need and eat what you buy
  • Learn how to save and preserve food, so it won't go to waste
  • Donate what you won't be able to consume yourself

In terms of dealing with food scraps, Vermonters have various options for compliance, including: composting in your backyarddropping off food scraps at a transfer station or another certified facility;
or, hiring a hauler to pick up your food scraps

If you have space at your home or business and someone with time to maintain the process, composting can be an easy option.  The Vermont ban on food scraps in the waste stream does not include meat and bones (you can still put them in your trash after July 1, 2020), so you won't have these items to attract animals to your bin.

Click here for more information on the Vermont law, including FAQs and specific requirements.

Local Farm csa

To support JCOGS members in accessing fresh, local, sustainably grown food, the JCOGS Green Team has put together a list of local Vermont farms that offer CSAs (Community Supported Agriculture). 

A CSA provides weekly shares of produce and other farm products to customers who pay in advance for the season or 'pay-as-you-go'  each week. For a comprehensive list of organic farms that offer CSAs in Vermont, please refer to the NOFA-VT interactive directory at Enjoy the season with healthy local food!

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