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SUKKOT Resources

resources compiled by Aron Temkin

Want a good overview of sukkah building? This article from My Jewish Learning provides a lot of useful information.

A tested source for sukkah kits*:

  • Tubular Sukkah kits include both the tubes and joints.  These are easier to use, because all the frame components are included, but shipping over-size tubes can be expense and slower.
  • Wood-frame kits include all of the joint hardware, but you will need to order/purchase lumber locally and will need to cut some pieces to length.  The instructions provided are helpful in determining what pieces you need.
  • Their SukkahScreen material can be a good solution for the side walls if you don’t want to improvise with canvas or other fabric. Do keep in mind that at least three sides of a sukkah should be enclosed.
  • Their bamboo s’chach mats are an easy solution for the roof, if you do not have cornstalks or other natural boughs around to use. Have friends with corn stalks? Ask them to save them for you for your sukkah! 

Want to compare sukkah kits?  This website offers feedback on several options. The tone of the writing is a bit snarky but being able to see several compared can be useful.

Want a lulav and an etrog? If you’ve never owned your own etrog they are beautifully fragrant. 

  • If you miss the chance to purchase through the congregation, there are other sources, like To be kosher for ritual use it should have a pitom/little stem, but they can also be purchased without.
  • First time purchasing a set and want some advice about how to care for it through the holiday?

With regard to decorations: Remember that this is a festival of the harvest, so it is traditional to use natural things or symbols from nature in our decorations.  Paper chains and garlands can brighten a sukkah but consider that all of your decorations are exposed to the elements, so paper decorations may not last through a rainstorm, unless you hang them in a way that is easy to remove prior to any precipitation.  Garlands of popcorn or cranberries were traditional when I was younger and we often used gourds, winter squash and boughs of bittersweet, if it was available, for decoration.  Need a little motivation to get you started? There are some beautiful garlands on Etsy here or do a search for Sukkot decorations here.

With regard to lighting: Any string lights rated for outdoor use can be both decorative and functional.  Modern LED string lights are durable and bright so they can last a few seasons if your wrap them up after the holiday.  Make sure you are using a heavy duty, exterior-grade, extension cord to connect your lights if you are using it after dark.

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