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Olam Chesed is springing into the End of year 

04/13/2022 12:03:31 PM


At Olam Chesed we're together and enjoying spring! We've had such a wonderful, rich, and beautiful year exploring the concept of shalom.  It's so much more than "peace" "hello" and "goodbye".

It's been just fantastic to be back at JCOGS making, doing, thinking, praying, and being Jewish together.  Here's a snapshot of some of the things we've been up to this spring: learning about Moses and Miriam; writing shalom poems and turning them into prayer flags; preparing for Pesach by cleaning out chametz and making Miriam's cups; exploring the four quarters of Jerusalem and why it is considered to be "the city of peace" and why we say l'shanah haba'ah b'yerushalayim/next year in Jerusalem. 
Be sure to join us on Friday, May 6th for Family & Friends Friday, our end of year celebration to see what we've created all year!

There are only two more sessions after today:

  • April 27th we honor Yom haShoah, Holocaust Rememberance Day, with a poignant short film and meaningful, age-appropriate tekes/ceremony
  • May 4th we celebrate Yom haAtzmaut, Israeli Independence Day, with a special program taught by Chef Nadav (yup, we'll be eating what we create!)

Fri, August 12 2022 15 Av 5782