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Local matters

08/26/2020 01:37:11 AM


Local businesses are suffering and we should support them. Here’s Stephen's idea. 

Dire layoff news of 30 employees at the Stowe Reporter and News and Citizen.

What to do: Support advertisers. Subscribe or add a subscription year. Donate.

Let’s end their struggle. 

Saving our community. 

By now you’ve read the lay-off news of 30 employees at the Stowe Reporter and News and Citizen.  Their Waterbury Record  is now shuttered. Most everyone would agree that the papers deliver honest reporting and even a chuckle from the police blotter. Oh what a great chronicle of our good Vermont lives. 

Much off the job loss is due to lost advertising revenue. They surely held on as long as they could to provide a security blanket for their employees. 

So I’m going to plead with you to do a few things before it becomes more grave. Plan seriously to shop and support the advertisers. Many are JCOGS members but the balance are the fabric of our lives here. Let’s put a bit of Amazon shopping on hiatus even briefly.

Secondly, I’m hoping all of us can be sure to subscribe to either paper or at least call in a one year extension payment. It will provide needed revenue and help them attract more advertisers with increased readership. 

Lastly, during these dire times, I’m asking you all to send in a donation; whether its $18,  $118 or anything ending in 18. It will give us the opportunity to explain to Greg Popa,  the Publisher, the meaning of 18 as we find ways to heal our community. 

I can’t imagine us without these papers and the business community they serve. 

Stephen (Rosenbloom)

Tue, January 19 2021 6 Sh'vat 5781