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Important update regarding COVID-19

03/12/2020 04:50:52 PM


Dear JCOGS family,

We know that the pandemic caused by COVID-19 is on the hearts and minds of many in our community. As we hold you in our hearts, we have some important updates for you regarding upcoming events at JCOGS.

In order to allow local, state, and federal officials the time and space they need to develop a plan for unfolding events, we are exercising an abundance of caution in the coming days. 

  • We will no longer be meeting in person for upcoming events and are putting plans in place to offer live streaming for our services and our youth programs.  Stay tuned for details, including for tomorrow night’s service at 6pm.
  • Kinderlach and Gesher will meet virtually this Saturday at 9:30-10am for fun and songs with Rabbi David and special guests. Debra Ann will be in touch with those families regarding logistics.  
  • Sunday’s Mitzvah class and Wednesday’s Olam Chesed will meet virtually. Beth will be in touch with those families regarding logistics.
  • The office will be in touch with committee chairs to facilitate moving meetings to virtual. 

In any other moment like this, gathering together as a community is exactly what we would want to do. Instead, these steps will help us ensure the health of our multigenerational members. Stowe brings people from across the north east and the world together each day. Postponing events and moving to virtual work will help ensure that JCOGS does not inadvertently bring together populations from geographically removed towns that otherwise would not be crossing paths. This is a rapidly unfolding situation, so we’re hitting a pause button to allow us to aid containment efforts. Read more about flattening the curve and slowing the spread of coronavirus.

We have also scheduled to do a deep clean of the building over the next week. Health authorities make it clear that conscientious cleaning is critical to containing this virus. 

It is important to remember that disruptions like this can hit vulnerable members of the JCOGS and larger community very hard. Please make sure that you alert us if you know of someone in need physically or emotionally. We are awaiting guidance from Capstone Community Action who address local poverty in our county on how we can aid their efforts, and we will share that when we know more.
During this time, let’s stay lovingly connected to one another and think about how we can support each other and our neighbors outside of JCOGS. Please, reach out to one another. Send text messages. Make phone calls. Get on a video conference. While many of us are decreasing our social contact, we need one another more right now, not less. 

And please do reach out to Rabbi David if you would like support during this time. Social isolation is a real risk, and we want to make sure not just bodies but also our spirits are cared for: or 802-253-1800ext.1.

Personal care

  • As a reminder, if you have been exposed or believe you may have been exposed, contact your healthcare provider or urgent care and ask if you need to get screened for COVID-19. 
  • Continue to follow the CDC guidelines, especially frequent 20-second hand washing, avoid touching your face, minimizing physical contact with others, avoid directly touching public and frequently used light switches, handles, etc. and continuously clean and disinfect frequently touched objects and surfaces.  You can learn more at the CDC website.

Details will continue to be uploaded on our website at and Facebook page as we have them. And we will continue to share updates with the community about our plans as they evolve. 

Blessings for health and safety,

Rabbi David Fainsilber
Emily Rosenbaum, President

Thu, August 5 2021 27 Av 5781