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Samson's bar mitzvah

05/27/2020 10:10:15 AM



Samson Roy Berlin

Samson has been a student of JCOGS since he moved to Vermont four years ago.  He is currently in the seventh grade at the Stowe Middle School.  Samson’s favorite subjects are Science and Geography.

Outside of school, Samson is a friendly and personable young man.  He loves to play football, baseball, SCUBA dive, and ski.  He also has a great computer mind, is an avid creator of minecraft, and plays video games with his friends. He is a great older brother to Reuben and Solomon and often competes with them in many sports. Samson also loves to travel and among his many trips had been to the Beaches of Normandy, witnessing WWII sites, and to the Tower of London. 

Samson has a deep connection to the Jewish faith and community through his relationship with his great grandparents, who were Holocaust Survivors. The family is traditionally Jewish and celebrates all Jewish holidays, and Samson has been an active reading participant from the Megilah, Hagadah, and prayer book.  

Samson is devoted to his Bar Mitzvah studies under the direction of Amy Rosenthal and his Parsha and Haftorah, Naso, has a special meaning for him.  As we learn in this Torah portion that Samson (Shimshon) was born and God blessed him and envisioned him as a lifetime of commitment to the Jewish people.  Basically, it was the birth of a Superhero, and that is what Samson has become.  

A Mazel Tov to Samson as he prepares to become a Bar Mitzvah.

Mon, July 6 2020 14 Tammuz 5780