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Virtual Stowe Jewish Film Festival



V-I-R-T-U-A-L FOR 2020!


Due to the need for social distancing measures, and because we all needed more – and better – entertainment these days, the Stowe Jewish Film Festival offered their films to the community AT NO COST for everyone to view from the comfort of their home.




If you would like to donate to the Stowe Jewish Film Festival you can do so HERE.



The fifth annual Stowe Jewish Film Festival has been re-imagined in the wake of the Covd-19 crisis as a virtual experience. It will take place over three weeks and features three films we believe are the most exciting selections yet. Under a unifying theme of Crossing Boundaries, each of these films deals with subjects of unusual, unexpected intra- or inter-cultural collaboration, individual quests across divides, or situations that result in surprising transformations and understand of "others." Each film is available to view from home over a three day period starting on the dates noted on the registration page for the individual films. 

May 24 -26

 A world famous conductor takes on the challenge of forming an Israeli-Palestinian youth orchestra in an attempt to create harmony out of discord. Please register for the film in advance HERE.

Preview the film here:

May 31-June 2
My Polish Honeymoon 

The highly emotional subject of Jewish tourism in Poland is surprisingly dealt with as a romantic-comedy seen through the eyes of a young couple seeking a connection to their ancestral home. Please register for the film in advance HERE.

Preview the film here:

June 7-June 9
The Samuel Project 

Art helps bridge a generational and historic divide as a talented teen helps his grandfather relate his traumatic war-time experience through an animation project. Please register for the film in advance HERE.

Preview the film here:

The Stowe Jewish Film Festival would like to gratefully acknowledge the people  who have helped to make this virtual festival possible:


Ana Maria and Mark Gordon


Cushman Design Group

Donald Blake Construction

Green Mountain Inn

Meristem Farms

Pall Spera

Well Heeled

The members of the Stowe Jewish Film Festival Committee

Thank you! 

Sat, April 10 2021 28 Nisan 5781