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Fred's Fuel Program 2024-2025

Greetings to all JCOGS & Canadian Friends of JCOGS members

Another season completed of coop purchasing of heating fuel, service contracts, general plumbing, and heating services with Fred's Energy
Fred's continues to outperform—thanks for your continued support! 

This program will save you money & provide additional benefits to JCOGS!!

The new season begins: 06-1-24 & ends 05-31-25

Call Fred's energy today in Morrisville, speak with Cheryll Buker at 802.888.3827.

Propane Pricing

JUNE 2023
MAY 2024 


JUNE 2024
MAY 2025



June 2024


  May 2026   

2022 2 year contract  $1.99    $1.99 *
2023 1 year contract   $1.69 * *
2024 1 year contract  $1.69 $1.69 *
2024* 2 year contract  * * $1.59


*Sign another 2 year contract starting
June 1, 2024 to receive a new rate of $1.59 effective immediately.


  • Oil continues to be a one-year rate.
    • (FYI, some of us have converted to propane from oil and you could consider speaking to Fred's for a quote to convert your system to propane, they can also tell you in $ how long it will take you to pay back for this)
  • 1 year fixed price/gal = $3.19/gal 2023-2024 season

Service Programs

  • Maintenance contracts – many of our members are now utilizing Fred's Energy's maintenance services. They have a whole service team (some of the local suppliers subcontract out their service). 
    • Boiler service | Parts | AC Mini split units | Plumbing

Advantage for JCOGS members -hourly rates are $95/hr vs $125/hr for non JCOGS Members.

  • Generators – Fred's recommends a local electrical contractor for this service. Service and repairs can be arranged. This is not a maintenance contract but a service provided for a fee. 


Please consider calling Fred's energy today in Morrisville, speak with Cheryll Buker at 802.888.3827 or

Cheryll will explain how easy it is to become a member of this program, including for those  of you who have a "tank" owned by another supplier. 

Your membership in good standing at JCOGS entitles you to be a part of this program which helps JCOGS, your neighbors, and saves you substantial $$

Regards and thanks for your continued support!

Gary Feibus and Marvin Rosenbloom

Wed, June 12 2024 6 Sivan 5784